Change The World or Change Your World

Brent BaldwinEither way, it leaves an indelible mark.

Every change starts with a single idea from one person. Regardless if you intend to create a revolution or modify your personal circumstances, the beginning is always the same. It starts with your commitment to an idea.

So why don’t you initiate the change that speaks to you?

Shifting perceptions or converting attitudes, starts when you stop hiding and decide to put it all on the line.

Go ahead stick your hand up and say “I got an idea,” get in front of the thing that excites you. Willingly put yourself out there. Be committed, articulate, and purposeful. Compassionate in your reasoning and unshakable in your resolve.

Being out front is definitely for the brave, and in the process, the brave invariably find fulfillment, purpose, and a lifetime of memories.

Who would follow me?

The better question is, why wouldn’t someone come along? If your idea is creative, sound and exciting, all you have to do is be credible, honest and sincere. Show up naturally and step away from manipulation and coercion.

In time your tribe will find you and willingly buy-in. Brace yourself; it’s not likely that you will be a raging success day one. You just want to move a few like-minded people to action, let the power of grass-root awareness create momentum. Give it the time it deserves.

Maybe your commitment is to change an attitude or enhance a cause, raise awareness or sell an idea. Make sure your actions and the job you take on are congruent with who you are, the talents you possess, and your beliefs.

Choose to make an existing movement your own by adding value to a worthy cause. Participate by creating a niche within the bigger picture; exercise your God-given talent, let the creative juices flow, put your unique spin on it.

Be “your idea’s” best advocate, understand why your idea is great, develop a process, and share freely and openly.

The reality is, not everyone is going to put themselves on the line. In no way does that diminishes who they are or the compassion and feelings they have for others. Bottom line, this isn’t for everyone.

But for the brave few who are ready willing and able to step to the plate, it’s more than a worthy thing to do; it’s a moral obligation.

Get out in front; people need you,

Make a Difference ~ Think World Class

An Unfair Advantage

  • Brent BaldwinAt some point or another, all relationships end up in some form of negotiation. They range from the soft, casual encounter, to the hard-edged “no holds barred” “line in the sand” type.

In most negotiations, we instinctively look for an advantage, a leg-up so to speak, a short-cut or a magic solution. Regardless of who it is on the other side of the table, we want to win.

Most of our strategies are motivated to protect our ego. Consequently, we seek solutions that are first and foremost natural or reflexive, and secondly offer a false wall to insulate our vanity and vulnerabilities.

The one constant; we want to be agreed with and heard. Regardless if we are dealing with friend or foe.

The Unfair Advantage 

The advantage often goes to the one willing to be empathetic; which seems counter intuitive. More ground’s gained and sustained when working in alignment than is ever secured when our goal is to beat the other side into submission.

Based on current portrayal’s in media and entertainment outlets, it appears the only way to win is to be cunning and beguile your opponent into submission. They would have us think the advantage, at least in the short term, goes to the aggressor and that the only way to win, is to dominate the situation with myopic repetition. If this type of strategy fails, the other alternative is sheer volume.

Just because you’re loud and filled with righteous indignation does not mean you’re right.

Oppressed becomes the oppressor

We have all had life experiences where we succumbed to the oppressor, whether in a family dynamic or the authoritarian rule of a work/school environment. Consequently, a blueprint of how to oppress others is easy to recall because previous life experiences have left an indelible mark.

Choose with intention

The fact is, the solution or the real unfair advantage is neither manipulative nor is it founded in coercion or misdirection. Rather it is in the sincerity of those brave enough to show up with a clarity of heart and intention.  

Let your intuition lead the way. Use your innate ability to, unconditionally give and your inherent desire for happiness be your guiding light. Goals are always easier to attain with allies rather than adversaries.

Never discount knowledge and talent

Nothing beats knowledge and talent, these being the decisive factors in most negotiations. So be prepared and know your stuff before you start.

In situations where all things are equal, the advantage goes to those who are willing to be open, to show empathy, to be creative and be imaginative. 

Concentrate on building bridges, not walls. In the long run, those willing to be flexible, and generous are more influential. They’re the ones who get things done and achieve their goals.

BTW they’re a whole lot more fun to hang with ~ Think World Class 

Non-Negotiable Values

Brent BaldwinToo often we are prepared to sacrifice our values for the next big business opportunity, harmonious relationships, to be liked or loved or just to take a short cut along a road that seems to be taking far too long.

We have all done it at one time, or another ~ or at least I have ~ pretty sure it’s not just me.

Sacrificing values compromises the essence of who we are. It crumbles the foundation of our core beliefs and erodes the content of our character.

What happens when we compromise?

We lose ourselves, together with our integrity, we become vulnerable and lost. It’s the road toward guilt, sadness, depression and isolation, not exactly the result we had hoped for when we chose to turn a blind eye. As a matter of fact, it is the polar opposite of what we had hoped to achieve when we left our values at the door.

The massive rationalization is ~ just this once, I will get back on track in a moment, but for now, this is what I want.

How are you going to honor your non-negotiables?

4 Steps
1) The first step is to be clear about your values, be able to articulate them to yourself and express them to the world through your actions.

2) Take a moment and define your single most important core value in each of the following areas of your life; family, financially, socially, intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

3) Then choose to honor these values by making them non-negotiable. I mean carved in stone, cast in iron, live or die commitments and actions that define your unique set of values.

4) Live large, never hide and commit to expressing your non-negotiable values to the world.

These are what truly define you, this is what you believe in your heart of hearts, and this is how the world will judge you. Be PROUD!

This is where you draw the line ~ Think World Class

The Truth of Your Story

Brent Baldwin May seem like a bit of an oxymoron. After all, it is my story, and by default, it is my truth; right?

No, not necessarily. Your autobiography may have observational misnomers, oppressive phrases, mental loops that we use for self-definition or maybe it’s the perceived ridicule of others that we have allowed to define who we are. Consequently, our story becomes littered with self-doubt or feelings of being unworthy.

Inevitably this leads to feelings and actions where you allow yourself to compromise who you are and what you are; all for reasons of vanity, self-validation, or the approval of others. If this is the case now is the time to CLEAN UP YOUR ACT!

Be intentional and don’t let down your guard

Finding the truth of your story is about finding and embracing your authentic self. That part of you that is your soul and is perfect. As such, it needs to be celebrated and worn on your sleeve for all to see. Be proud, own “your story” speak your unique truth and live it with an unshakable pledge to your authenticity.

Honestly and proudly be who you are, walk your walk talk your talk. When you internalize and believe your truth, you create a shield that is impervious to the slings and arrows of anyone who would have the rudeness to tell you differently.

Shout your truth to the world ~ Think World Class